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One may think

of Cyber Security as an abstract topic, strange and untangible, somewhere out in the cloud or even more distant in the alien depth of the IT cosmos.

It IS not.

In fact it is a pseudonym for the safety of your assets, your company, your home and those dear to you. A pseudonym for privacy and the freedom to pursue your goals without the dreadful interference of information age’s highwaymen.

It IS about you. It IS personal.

One may think

of Cyber Security as a problem of computer systems. But in fact the weakest link in your defence is almost always human. So it’s not only a question of computer systems and strategies.

It IS about you. It IS personal.

Being safe today does not mean you will be tomorrow. Anticipating tomorrow’s threats and keeping those of today at bay needs couriosity, skill, effort and bravery – human virtues.

Computers don’t care. We do.

What we think

Some ingredients of success require neither talent nor a degree. It all begins with a positive attitude, curiosity and work ethic. Being coachable and passionate keeps you in the game in our business of evolving technologies and ever-changing challenges. Sharing your knowledge and letting others learn from your failures and successes creates an environment where everybody can strive and grow as an IT specialist and as well as a person.

We are not just sitting in an office, but supporting high stakes projects all over Europe and in the Middle East. Around half of the working time is spent abroad.

Some of us take the chance of a temporary relocation. Even digital nomads fit in as long as they can reach the project sites when needed. The company and project language is English, our mindset cosmopolitan.

If all that sounds like you we are certainly interested in your talents. And we don’t care so much about degrees. During the application process we will challenge you and let you prove what you know and can do.

Dare to apply? Go for it!

If you want to know more,
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We are looking for 

We are currently looking for permanent employees and working students with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • iOS and/or Android Specialist
  • Wifi Network Specialist
  • Frontend Development with Node.js / Express / Handlebars
  • Backend and Embedded Development in C/C++
  • Network Monitoring and Network Traffic Analysis
  • DDoS Prevention (Hardware and Software)
  • Open Source Intelligence and Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Telecommunications Technologies

Besides very competitive pay we also offer the highest quality working equipment and a software infrastructure that allows collaborative work from anywhere in the world.

We let you learn on the job and provide professional training in order to make you a Certified Cyber Security Specialist. We have flexible work hours and encourage you to maintain a healthy work-live-balance – especially since you are travelling frequently.

When you’re not needed at a project site you can use a desk in one of our offices or work from home.